Mystical Whimsical Magical

Our journey began over a decade ago with the desire to make magic less enigmatic and more accessible to everyone. Through engaging workshops, intuitive readings, our Witch’s Cottage Event Space and a shop full of mindfully curated metaphysical merchandise, we support our community in creating their own fascinating, mindful life by embracing their inner magical energy.

Candles, Tarot & Oracle decks, magical curios, ritual supplies, spiritual self-care items, herbs, books, incense and occult inspired accessories are available online or at our retail shop in Hamilton, Ontario. Our goal is to provide ethically sourced, sustainably made, fair trade and ecofriendly products that support fair wages and working conditions for the makers and honor their traditions.

In the imaginative and engaging world of Renaissance, Medieval & Pagan Festivals, our creations took form. Each event allowed us to to connect directly with customers and reveal to them, in a clear, approachable way, how they could add a bit of magic to their lives. Those conversations allowed us to hone our focus, test our ideas and get immediate feedback! After 12 years of tent vending, with thousands of kilometres driven, and raising two boys who, thankfully, enjoyed the festivities if not the long commutes, we transitioned to a brick and mortar space. We share it with the magical Amy Lou Taylor of The Art of Tea & Tasseomancy.

You may still catch us at a few festivals in Ontario though because being a “Rennie” does get in your blood.

Ariane, the owner, is a Spiritist of 30+ years, an initiated priestess of Oshun in the Lukumi Orisha tradition and lineage of Efunshe Warikondo (Na Rosalia Abreu) and Yayi Nkisi in the Palo Mayombe lineage of Campo Santo. She is of French Canadian, First Nations and Irish decent. Ariane’s Obskurah Bazaar brand of products are made in accordance with her traditions and under the guidance and license of her elders, ancestors and spirit guides.