Palo Santo & Wild Herbs Incense Cones Fair Trade Certified Vegan



Palo Santo means holy wood. This product is sustainably harvested after the trees die naturally. Handmade by marginalized artisans in rural Colombia. 100% Natural blend with unique intention. Certified Vegan. These 100% natural Shamanic incense cones feature sustainably harvested Palo Santo wood that grows in the Amazon rainforest. Blended by hand with wild lavender and rosemary, our Wild Herbs Palo Santo Incense Cones are a traditional sahumerio blend used by shamans to facilitate purification and relaxation. Also blended into this classical sahumerio is myrrh, a natural aromatic resin derived from the commiphora myrrha tree and known for its purification and medicinal properties. It is used extensively in mystical and spiritual ceremonies of many cultures around the world to purify the environment. Certified Organic (Green America) Recycled Packaging Ingredients: Palo Santo, Bamboo, Myrrh, rosemary, Coconut, Wild Lavender, Fruit Juice, Cornstarch 6 large cones per package

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