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Following the standards set by his French colleagues, Swiss Master card maker Francois Heri engraved several tarot decks in the Swiss city of Solothurn. This 1718 deck has outstanding historic value because of the unusually well preserved integrity of the icons, giving the cards their unique character. The reissue of this important deck was realized in partnership with the Historical Museum Blumenstein in Solothurn, Switzerland. Each Limited Edition deck is hand-numbered.

Wilfried Houdouin is a professional graphic designer who has lived in Marseille, France since 2001. Fascinated by the Tarot of Marseilles since childhood, he has passionately pursued the study, practice and teaching ?of the historic deck for decades. He studied graphic arts in Paris at ?the end of the 80s, and trained in computer graphics in the mid 90s. In 2011 he created the Tarot of Marseilles Millennium Edition, and wrote The Sacred Code of the Tarot.

Yves Reynaud combines his work as a maritime inspector in Marseilles, France with a deep interest in esotericism, with Astrology, ?numerology and graphology. He fell in love with the Tarot of Marseille in his youth. Since 2004, he has concentrated on the historic tarot decks, which he fervently collects. He has researched the iconography, genealogy and history of the Tarot of Marseilles, its engravers and master card makers. Along with Wilfried Houdouin, he realized the importance of the initiatory and cultural legacy of the Tarot of Marseilles. Aware of the rarity of the preserved copies, together they decided to create Tarot of Marseilles Heritage, producing a brand new growing collection of ?facsimiles of the most beautiful historical Tarots of Marseilles, republished with utmost respect for the original editions.

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